Friday, April 6, 2007

Legends of Style, not your father's art!

This is it, the event of the half year. Thankfully the art gods smile on us and this showcase of urban art, dance, music, and fashion comes twice a year instead of annually. I don't know what I'd do if I had to wait an entire year after every Legends of Style event for the next lesson in my favorite sort of art.

Our parents and grandparents have the classics, which I am by no means shunning here, but today is all about urban art, street fashion, city life, and being a KID ABOUT TOWN. Our generation sees beauty in an increasing amount of talent scrawled on subway beams, alley walls, and otherwise bland buildings. I cheer at the defacing of mindless corporate messages, replaced with the aerosol expressions of someone pressed to spray their mind before the American gestapo comes and tares them down.

I'm talking about everything urban from art to style. Legends of Style is the showcase of our urban artists.

Obviously I've done a lot of digging. I pulled together photographs of past Legends of Style events, videos of the parties, press releases for the latest event and its theme "Surreal City," plus I have samples of work from a few of the artists who'll be showcasing this April 20th.

First checkout the most recent Legends of Style gallery. The photographer did a great job, not only capturing the party, but also with shots of an array of the artwork that was displayed.

That'll keep you busy for awhile, editing and uploading took a lifetime. Thankfully batch automation exists.

Next are the past Legends of Style videos. The first one here is from Legends of Style 3 which took place on October 8th, 2005:

This second video is of Legends of Style 2, from April 16th, 2005:

I'll skip the official press releases, trust me, its not really edge of your seat reading... and if you've read this far you got the idea. For a preview of the upcoming talent that will be visiting Legends of Style on 420... the official website presents it better than I care to try. Head to for information on nearly every artist taking part.

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Spencer said...

Any word on heyletsgo RSVP versus buying tickets in advance, etc? I RSVP'd on heyletsgo, so I assume when I get to the door I'll be able to get a ticket for $10, but am I mistaken? Thanks