Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Every now and then I let the "geek" take over my brain and become the biggest nerd known to man. You ever watch that original Enterprise show on the Sci Fi channel? The one that supposedly took place right after the space station was built and way before all the totally far fetched Star Trek shit came about? WOW they make it so believable... the introduction even has a flight technology montage starting with the Wright brothers up to present day which supposedly gives way to *BLAMO* the Enterprise, all the technology you see in Star Trek, and, most importantly, a Vulcan played by some chick with a great tan and the hottest tits this side of the galaxy.

Have I freaked you out with my nerd attack yet? Well I just spent a few hours contemplating far fetched "future" technologies like Warp Drive... traveling faster than the speed of like, worm holes, time travel. Look I'm really sorry, but I'm stuck in New Jersey right now completely out of touch and I can't even go mountain biking because I fucked up my back yesterday, humor me and at least pretend like you give a shit.

Plus, none of this stuff is even that totally ridiculous, right? I mean... the articles I'm reading ARE on the website:

Warp Drive, When?

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Angela said...

I know this entry is old but I didn't look at your blog til just now. A while back I watched this show called "How William Shatner Changed The World". Oh yes, I have a supernerd in me and I'm not ashamed of it. So the basic gist of it was that Star Trek intrigued people who became inventors, resulting in technology we use today being based on Star Trek devices. It was a bit cheesy at times but kind of meant to be. Will Frakes ("Number 1") from TNG (that's "The Next Generation"...yes, I'm a mild Star Trek fan as well) was in it for a bit too. Here's a link if you feel so inclined: