Monday, April 21, 2008

Gravity is also a "Theory"

Many times I have argued with people over the Theory of Evolution. Sometimes they make an intelligent point or two. For the most part, however, people are simply confused by their own lack of understanding. For example they equate the scientific use of the word "theory" to something that is just an unproven, unsupported idea that is not based on a group of laws and principals and other things called "facts."

It is a very simply confusion... but it is a confusion surrounding their understanding of the English language and its many diverse meanings and uses. When this occurs I like to refute them with an equally simple point: Gravity, otherwise known as "The Theory of Gravitation," would also stand to be refuted. Example: "Evolution is just a theory, it isn't fact." "Wow really? Gravity is also a Theory and if not a fact... I can fly!" At this point we would all begin to float away and I would rightfully admit my mistake and see the heavenly light.

Thanks to The Onion these thoughts have been put together as a hilarious article:

My personal favorite aspect of the article is how the "Intelligent Falling" proponents main argument is that science still cannot explain how gravity works. This is true and it parallels identical arguments about evolution. You can know absolutely every aspect about something in nature, but if you can't answer the "how/why" question God proponents are so quickly to press, then everything else is for naught. Obviously they have the answer though, their "how/why" explanation is always "God did it," "God willed it," or "Jesus made it." Oh okay, I'm sorry, your right. Those Bibles are just chock full 'O facts, eh?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

He just Pinched out a Dirty Bomb!

The following is a (hilarious) excerpt from this Rolling Stone article about one FBI anti-terrorism task force in Chicago:

The two officers tell me about a close call at the Taste of Chicago food festival last year. Millions attend the annual street feast, with Chicago-style sausage and pizza and tamales on sale in booths along the lakefront. As with all major public events, the JTTF helped plan the security profile. A JHAT —a Joint Hazardous Assessment Team —set up at the festival, dotting the area with devices that detect signs of a chemical or biological or radiological attack. Suddenly, one of the devices went off: There was a radiological hit on one of the sniffers near a row of porta-potties. For an hour, the JHAT frantically tried to determine if Chicago had been struck by a "dirty bomb" —a weapon that spreads lethal radioactive material mixed with conventional explosives. Finally, after an anxious hour, the hit was traced to a particular outhouse —and the cause of the positive alert was determined.

"Someone who had chemotherapy had just done a poop," DeRosa says.

As always I am delighted to hear of the appropriate measures being taken by the United States Government in the name of our security.

Don't Fuck this up, Democrats

Barack Obama stands a better chance of beating John McCain than Hillary Clinton does. That is the bottom line, that is what I and others have been saying since the race reached this stage, and that is what the evidence in this video backs up:

Listen Democrats, you have been ball-less fuck-ups for long enough... actually managing to earn a lower approval rating for Congress than our Neanderthal of a president. I like to presume this is because you don't have the gall to impeach but that is likely wishful thinking.

Shall I repeat the bottom line? If Clinton and McCain go head to head, the (bigoted, war-mongering, economy crushing) Republicans will actually have a fighting chance. Let us deprive them of even that small hope?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Nerd Alert!

Ever hear of a "yottabyte" before? Neither had I until today:

CrAzY people! The fact that things like this get me excited or amazes me makes me a pretty sad little nerd.

This post brought to you by Shear Boredom.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Barack Obama a.k.a. Superman

This is not the first aw inspiring speech from, hopefully, the next President Mr. Barack Obama. Shivers, I get goosebumps... Obama consistently takes the high road. He won't play dirty because it is beneath him. He is honest, straight forward and goodhearted (and pretty)... all things Hillary fails to achieve (evil ugly wench):

That is a man I hope to one day call my President.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I <3 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hail Jesus

"I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.... The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home." -- James Madison

When Fascism comes to America, "wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross," if you even notice it at all... don't say you weren't warned.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Bill O'Reilly is so stupid I find it mind blowing

Listen here as Bill O'Reilly barely lets Richard Dawkins speak. O'Reilly spews endless bullshit about why Christianity and religion are the only reason morals exist and lists absurd points he claims are facts. My favorite part is when he claims most horrific genocides were committed by Atheists and lists Hitler, Mao, and Stalin as examples. (Some examples of his "facts".) Dawkins "mustache" response was brilliant.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kucinich can steal a show...

I would give a lot to see this man as commander and chief. I hope to 'science' he at least gets on as VP with someone. An Obama/Kucinich ticket would be music to my disenfranchised ears.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hello, Kids! It's me-- MISTER 9-11 MAN!

"Mike Huckabee: Too stupid to be president."

Student: Many schools in Arkansas are failing to teach students about evolution according to the educational standards of our state. Since it is against these standards to teach creationism, how would you go about helping our state educate students more sufficiently for this?
Huckabee: Are you saying some students are not getting exposure to the various theories of creation?
Student (stunned): No, of evol … well, of evolution specifically. It’s a biological study that should be educated [taught], but is generally not.
Moderator: Schools are dodging Darwinism? Is that what you … ?
Student: Yes.
Huckabee: I’m not familiar that they’re dodging it. Maybe they are. But I think schools also ought to be fair to all views. Because, frankly, Darwinism is not an established scientific fact. It is a theory of evolution, that’s why it’s called the theory of evolution. And I think that what I’d be concerned with is that it should be taught as one of the views that’s held by people. But it’s not the only view that’s held. And any time you teach one thing as that it’s the only thing, then I think that has a real problem to it.


"Mike, there is no such thing as "an established scientific fact." A theory is as good as you can get in science. Anyone who wants to be the leader of the free world, better know that or he's too ignorant of science for the job. And if you do know it, you've just proved yourself a liar."


IANAEB (I am not an evolutionary biologist) but as I understand it, the Theory of Evolution cannot ever be proven in totality. However, independently individual tenets of evolution are provable in so far as they are observable.


  • Gradualism
  • Population speciation
  • Natural selection
  • The Law of Independent Assortment
  • The Law of Segregation (not talking Jim Crow)
  • Mutation
  • Genetic drift
  • Polyploidy of cells
  • Hybridization
  • Artificial selection
  • Gene flow

But you know, all of that taken together in no way supports or validates the general Theory of Evolution. In no way. God says."


I really don't want any of these borderline demented Republicans leading this nation... I could handle Ron Paul but the rest are scary.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Splitting California

If there is one thing that terrifies me... it is the possibility of another Republican gaining the White House in 2008. Sure "President Hillary Clinton" sounds quite frightening, however, it sounds ten times better to this blogger than "President Rudi Giuliani." (Sounds far to close to "President Clueless Fuck-tart")

A lot of people seem to be spouting along the lines of "the democrats will definitely win," or "the country is making it clear we are tired of republicans." Of course, all of that talk I'm hearing is coming from either staunch leftists or at least people who spewed the same assuming bullshit in 2004... and Bush actually one that one fair and square.

With a name like "Sean Future" you've gotta hope some sort of prophecy telling abilities are included. Nope, sorry, it is just a stupid name and 2008 is going to be another stupid election. Loads of stupid Americans will go and vote and no matter who wins one thing is always a guarantee; the winner will be someone non-deserving of the presidency, or put more simply, someone fucking stupid.

Regardless, you've gotta be pulling for a democrat if you want anyone in Boston to respect you these days... and I am. Dennis Kucinich is my hero right now although sadly far from a front runner for the democratic nomination.

My main concern is that if one thing is going to quickly and easily rip this election out from under the democrats it has to be the potential splitting of California's electoral votes. California is traditionally a democrat territory with a beautifully large number of electoral votes. If we let this happen we aren't talking about a more fair split. We are talking about the republicans getting to manipulate the system one more time and in a very dramatic way. We are talking about greatly raising the potential for another Bush vs. Gore disaster in which the winner of the election might not be the President elected by the majority of the American people.

If destroying the electoral voting system has ever seemed like a good idea to you, for even a second, this is a dramatically horrific step in the wrong direction. The republicans are trying to force another red-hot coal up the American ass. Make the fucking pain stop!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Terrorists for America!

Celebrate July 4th by being a true American... recognize your dissent, practice civil disobedience, attend a rally, organize a protest, call your congress person, speak out against politicians who think they are above the law, DON'T vote on someone else's rights, DON'T say "god bless america," SIT DOWN during the national anthem, and BURN an American flag.

These things are not only your right, but as an American who loves his or her country and is not yet ready to see it destroyed, these things are your duty.

Our American Democracy was born in violence and our founding father's dissent. Those founding fathers we admire today were "terrorists" to the established order of the time. Lets make them proud... burn a flag in your freedom.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cerebral palsy is not something to snicker about... you should be laughing out loud

Josh, my man, you are the definition of "overcome."

Josh Blue... an excellent, talented, and disabled stand up comic doesn't even have to try to make you smile. Watch this guy's act and try, just try, not to get this odd feeling like you two are great friends and you couldn't be more proud. Of course... who wouldn't be proud of a guy who not only refuses to let his handicap stop or slow him, but actually uses it to his comic benefit.

Watch, enjoy, and don't feel guilty for laughing at him... he thinks his disease is funnier than even you do:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fuck Mormons

Note that the first minute or so of this video is borderline irritating as it seems John Safran is just driving the point to total redundancy oblivion. Fortunately humor is saved in the second half, he decides to give these fundamentalist nut-jobs a taste of their own medicine. Enjoy... and lets start seeing some comments people:

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hipster Trash

While doing some Flickr surfing I ran accross a beautiful example of hipster meets urban trash. It's been a pretty common style of the past 10 to 15 months... not big enough that it has an official name but judging from where titles like 'punk,' 'emo,' and 'other title of the year here' have come from and than gone too... my guess is that a year or three from now "everyone and their mother" will be saying hipster and this is what they will be talking about:

AAAHHHH HA HA ha ha hahaha...! Go read the description she wrote about the photo. It seems, and im sure, she is totally legit about it. Obviously she has spent some time in an east coast city... maybe a dabble on the west but that wouldn't be a requirement. I'm so completely over fashion, superficialness, and other bullshit I'm back to wearing jeans I bought who knows where four years ago whatever t-shirt fits and whichever pair of shoes is most comfortable for the day. NO... it's true I don't really stand on on campus anymore against the regular "i hope I look hot for 'whoever'," fuck-tard types. Guess what though, I honestly am shocked myself at how little I care.

So, stop coming to this blog unless you are completely ready for me to turn into a totally real person. What a week this has been. What a year really. Elch, I'm a real person now... go fuck your mother.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

If this is about you don't bother approching me about it... my head might explode as I slowly kill you. I like my head.

Many "friends" of mine over the past year have treated me like something closely resembling "shit," or really anything that belongs in a sewage container of sorts. At the very least, some have treated me as something that would not go in an apartment or any kind of home... especially if it belongs to them.

Truthfully I could write a decent sized list of what I have endured. I'll keep it short, however, and say that I have been lied to, ignored, stolen from, backstabbed and generally interacted with as if I were an actual shit. This was all done by "friends" who are greater in number than most realize. The treatment continues but thankfully a fair amount of you didn't receive the "make Sean hate life" memo.

Those of you who have remained close and good to me and helped me through the past year... I'm grateful. I'm not able to repay you with a single act. Just please remember that I am also a good friend to have and will continue to be so for as long as I know you.

Those who I've describe as "friends" with those fun little quotation marks, I'm not going to dwell and let you live in my head rent free. Just know that you are pathetic and sad. We are no longer friends and that was your choice. Go fuck yourselves and die.

I've rewritten this about four times. It was meant to let out my anger and frustration but this version I chose to post. I guess, it was the least anger filled and vulgar and just downright most comprehendible of the few thousand words I shot out. Much better than stabbing someone to within an inch of their life but not killing them

Friday, June 1, 2007

Every Time a Jerry Falwell dies, an Angel gets its Wings

... not that I believe in angels of course.

What is also obvious is that I rarely watch Fox News, at least I hope that's clear. Sometimes while channel surfing I'll pause there in hopes to be amused by something either obnoxiously republican, racist, or just plain stupid.

With that, I actually watched part of this interview live, but I didn't catch the gem of a comment at the end from Christopher Hitchens. A friend recently brought it to my attention and I couldn't help but spread it.

Sounds like he hates people like Jerry as much as me or Richard Dawkins.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer Room on Mission Hill

I know what I'd be thinking; no post for this long and he comes at me with a classified? Fucker! But I'll be straight, this has been a very "challenging" six months or so for yours truly... it has sucked ass and been great at the same time. Cut me some slack and I'll have great content in the near future I promise.

Mean time, need a place to live in Boston for the summer? Check out my deal:

NOW through the month of AUGUST
(may rent is covered)

24 South Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02130
(click here for Google map)

1 single room in a 4 bedroom apartment on South Huntington Avenue on the back of Mission Hill. Directly across from the Citgo the front door is only a few steps from Huntington Ave itself. The E line stop "Riverway" is directly out the front door as well.

The apartment is beautiful having been redone last year. New wood floors, incredible looking exposed brick walls (that was my favorite part), all new kitchen appliances including a full size fridge, oven, stove, and dishwasher. The bathroom has a shower/tub and a separate stand up shower, ceiling to floor mirror on one wall, tile otherwise, and all the 'fixings' are new in there too including both showers, the sink, and the toilet. Every room has built in lights which are controlled by dim switches and the skylight in the hall/stair area can light up most of the apartment including the bathroom which has glazed windows near the ceiling.

The available bedroom has a full size closet, one gorgeous brick wall, and a large skylight with crank so it can be opened. I don't have measurements off hand, but for an idea, the room previously fit one full size bed, a large desk, and a bureau with enough space for additional furniture.

Contact me, Sean, via email at "seanboston (the @ symbol) gmail (dot) com" with your cellphone # or I'll send you mine.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Every now and then I let the "geek" take over my brain and become the biggest nerd known to man. You ever watch that original Enterprise show on the Sci Fi channel? The one that supposedly took place right after the space station was built and way before all the totally far fetched Star Trek shit came about? WOW they make it so believable... the introduction even has a flight technology montage starting with the Wright brothers up to present day which supposedly gives way to *BLAMO* the Enterprise, all the technology you see in Star Trek, and, most importantly, a Vulcan played by some chick with a great tan and the hottest tits this side of the galaxy.

Have I freaked you out with my nerd attack yet? Well I just spent a few hours contemplating far fetched "future" technologies like Warp Drive... traveling faster than the speed of like, worm holes, time travel. Look I'm really sorry, but I'm stuck in New Jersey right now completely out of touch and I can't even go mountain biking because I fucked up my back yesterday, humor me and at least pretend like you give a shit.

Plus, none of this stuff is even that totally ridiculous, right? I mean... the articles I'm reading ARE on the website:

Warp Drive, When?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Legends of Style, not your father's art!

This is it, the event of the half year. Thankfully the art gods smile on us and this showcase of urban art, dance, music, and fashion comes twice a year instead of annually. I don't know what I'd do if I had to wait an entire year after every Legends of Style event for the next lesson in my favorite sort of art.

Our parents and grandparents have the classics, which I am by no means shunning here, but today is all about urban art, street fashion, city life, and being a KID ABOUT TOWN. Our generation sees beauty in an increasing amount of talent scrawled on subway beams, alley walls, and otherwise bland buildings. I cheer at the defacing of mindless corporate messages, replaced with the aerosol expressions of someone pressed to spray their mind before the American gestapo comes and tares them down.

I'm talking about everything urban from art to style. Legends of Style is the showcase of our urban artists.

Obviously I've done a lot of digging. I pulled together photographs of past Legends of Style events, videos of the parties, press releases for the latest event and its theme "Surreal City," plus I have samples of work from a few of the artists who'll be showcasing this April 20th.

First checkout the most recent Legends of Style gallery. The photographer did a great job, not only capturing the party, but also with shots of an array of the artwork that was displayed.

That'll keep you busy for awhile, editing and uploading took a lifetime. Thankfully batch automation exists.

Next are the past Legends of Style videos. The first one here is from Legends of Style 3 which took place on October 8th, 2005:

This second video is of Legends of Style 2, from April 16th, 2005:

I'll skip the official press releases, trust me, its not really edge of your seat reading... and if you've read this far you got the idea. For a preview of the upcoming talent that will be visiting Legends of Style on 420... the official website presents it better than I care to try. Head to for information on nearly every artist taking part.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

300 Years Later

It shouldn't be this hard to get my hands on a decent copy of a movie just released, should it? I should be able to find it before it fuckin' comes out. 300 was a pain in the ass but, MINE.

I will really miss the anti-piracy commercial played pre-previews. I rather like them... too bad. Want a copy?

Monday, March 26, 2007

CD Release Party BONANZA!

There is a sudden storm of record release parties approaching along with the NYC DJs flooding the Future Classic roster in the next few weeks. This Friday at Revolution Rock Bar, LCD Soundsystem's latest album will be available while DJ Frank White spins.

LCD Soundsystem's Single, "North American Scum," in WIDE SCREEN AND HIGH DEFINITION:

Don't Vote, DIEbold!

Everyones heard of the rigged Diebold voting machines and the scandal surrounding them. It's LESS known there are some alternative voting machine making companies like AutoMARK. Recently, Massachusetts AutoMARK to tally the votes in the state. A lucrative 9 million dollar contract, law makers research and approve such spending. Not to mention here in Boston and the rest of the state, we want our votes to COUNT.

As it turns out, this didn't make AutoMARK's competitor or the corrupt and Bush loving company Diebold all too happy. Now they are demanding the decision be overturned. Demanding? What even gives them the right to do that?

Friday, March 23, 2007

April is not for Fools

Damn kids, April is workin' up to be a wicked fackin' pissah! No joke though, we've still got, what, over a week of March left, but Revolution Rock Bar to the rescue with their Future Classic Fridays. DJ Cat with her pussy-esque parties followed by Oxy Cottontail and... well... the obvious colorful pills alone make me wanna cream myself: